Abbey Road Studios

The world's most famous recording studio


The Story

The world's most famous recording studio, Abbey Road Studios, has a sound that can be heard on almost everyone music collection. Abbey Road wanted to make that sound accessible to everyone without having to travel to the iconic studio while maintaining their prestige

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Digital Strategy
  • eCommerce
  • UX / UI Strategy
Phase One:
3 distinct customer types

Online Customer - Home/ Project studio, semi-pro bands  
Onsite Customer - Record labels - Movie Composers
Merch Customers - Beatles Fans visiting the crossing 

Online opportunity

Software emulations of the Abbey Road Sound
Online Mixing service
Online Mastering Service

Defining the Problem

Limited In House Business Capacities

With 5 studios onsite, it was impossible to scale the business without building a digital strategy. With large budget movies and record labels the core customer, any digital business needed to complemented the Abbey Road brand while creating online sales. In parallel, create an interactive platform for Beatles fans to see video recording of them on the famous crossing, leading to merchandise sales. 

Phase Two:
Simplify the User Experience

Designed three simple and obvious user experiences
Accurately represent each persona type
Maintain the brand personality at every step 

Marketing Improvements

Integrate masterclass articles/blog posts
Free content in exchange for subscription
Interactive webcam experience for Beatles fans

Expanding the Business

Making Abbey Road Studios Accessible Everywhere

Abbey Road Studio had online services on their old website, but the experience wasn't effective. We created user maps for 3 different personas so that the home page CLEARLY guided each persona the section that was made for them. We significantly reduced the friction to purchasing an online service decreasing the number of clicks by 80%. 

Design Principles

Innovated a new type of navigation
Elegant, beautiful responsive design
Integrate the brand story and marketing element 

Impact Design

Inspire the audience
Deliver a 'WOW' factor for potential clients
Produce a desire to engage


Enhance Discovery Experience

The user flow was a significant challenge to get perfect but it did lead to a neat innovation, a new type of navigation that held the focus of the user and clearly guided each user type to the content they were interested in. A massive website simplified to a 2 click rule for each persona. 


Results Driven Products Page

Whether it was the famous Studio 2's webpage or the software products showcase, all product pages clearly demonstrated the benefits of the product in a beautiful and elegant way.

Effective Back End

To top it all off, the Abbey Road team challenged us to create an admin area where their marketing team could update web pages, create articles, update engineers portfolios, create special offers, manage sales, pricing, and manage online mixing/mastering projects, engineer scheduling and customer messaging.

End Phase:

We significantly reduced the friction to purchasing an online service decreasing the number of clicks by 80%.

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