Above Sea Level

Sealife Conservation | Eat Sustainable Seafood


The Story

Global fishing is rapidly destroying the population of ocean habitats. Due to the demand for seafood, loss of habitat and unsustainable fishing practices, three quarters of the world’s fisheries has significantly depleted.

Our goal was to help the organization Above Sea Level to continue its fight against eating unsustainable seafood and save our oceans.

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Rebranding
  • Market Feasability
Phase One:
Market Analysis

Few people are aware of which species are overfished
"Fishing down" is upsetting an ancient and delicate balance
Decision makers deeply care when they are made aware


The general population is uneducated on this topic
No clear guides exist on which seafood is fine to purchase
Communication needs to reach far but be cost effective

Define Target Market

Targeting Decision Makers

Word of mouth proved to be the must impactful way to communicate Above Sea Level's message. Testing shows that young mothers deeply cared about this environmental concern and once made aware,  became selective in their seafood choices. Chefs were identified as another key persona. By encouraging professionals to serve only MSC Certified Seafood, and adding a MSC badge to their menus, their influence would be significant.

Phase Two:
Campaign Objectives

Create awareness of the overfishing problem
Single out some of the most affected and popular  fish
Reduce the overall demand for overfished species

Campaign Developement

Craft a emotional story that is easily retold
Design eye catching graphics
Create a unique style for the brand

Case Study

Don't Eat Me Campaign

Through our research, we realized that many people are unaware that eating certain type of seafood can greatly affect the ecosystem of the sea, creating an imbalanced food chain that would harm the environment. To meet our client's goal, our diverse team delivered a full-scale education campaign to inform the public about the endangered sealife and the impact it would result in.

Branding Strategy

Create a visually impactful graphics to illustrate the problem
Use positive messaging with a shareable story
Get children's attention so they point out adverts to parents

Visually Unique

Create a character for each endangered species
Represent in cartoon/child like drawings
Keep toning natural and oceanic 


Establishing Campaign Styles and Standards

Above Sea Level has a unique personality. To embody this we created a brand identity that was straight-forward, yet human. Instead of creating fear based messaging we choose a more subtle, gentle and friendly approach, engaging with our audience in a very personable way. The brand identity was crafted to represent this visually. 

Campaign Development

Designed for Simple Education

We created the 'Please don't eat me' campaign to turn heads while driving awareness of the problem. Each species was represented by a friendly but sad character, designed to connect with Above Sea Level's core audience and become a talked about design. 


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