A community-focused,
streaming-to-ticketing music platform.


Revolutionizing Music

The music industry has evolved. However, there is an unmet need. There is more music being created than ever before, but artists are not making much money from their art. 

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Funding Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • UX / UI Design
Phase One:
Market Analysis

Live music has become the main source of revenue for artists
Fans are finding new ways to discover emerging artists
Word of mouth is still the strongest intro to new music


Create an end-to-end solution with stream, social and live Connect artists with live performance opportunities
Bring music festivals and events to caring fans

Define Target Market

Revolutionizing the Music Industry

The music industry was designed before the internet existed and it's been slow to evolve. The result is many inefficiencies, selective gatekeepers and closed loops which are limiting the overall potential for not only emerging artists, but the industry as a whole. The challenge was to create an end-to-end, streaming-to-ticketing solution to bypass industry incumbents, give a better customer experience and gain greater economic benefits for content creators. 

Phase Two:
Digital interaction to offline engagements

Discover new music
Connect and chat with artists
Attend live concerts and festivals

Greater economic impact

Music matched to the right audience, more new music heard
More engagement from fans with new artists
More tickets purchased for concerts/festivals - loop 


Bringing Experiences From Online to On Site

To achieve this we create a habit loop starting with music discovery. After users find great new music they subscribe to news updates on the Inmusik social feed helping bonds form between fans and their favorite artists. Social posts and feed updates are based on the music a user consumes daily increasing the value of social content. As artists announce live dates or festival performances, users get early access to tickets.

Potential Road Block

Curation is not scalable due to the volume of uploads
Users do not actively search for new music
New music is generally unveiled and not forced


It takes 7 seconds for to decide if you like a new song or not
'Waiting moments' that are prime for music discovery
Any new discovery process much be super fast


Enhance Discovery Experience

Then it hit us! In discovery mode, listeners hear 7 new songs in a row, however,  they hear only the best 7 seconds of each song as chosen by the artists themselves. Think of it like a movie trailer but for a song. While listening the listen swipes right to collect it and listen to the full song later, or left to throw it away. Simple!
After testing we found each user got addicted to finding a 'few more' and listened to more than 70 new songs, collecting 22 song on average on a single use.  


Develop User's Daily Listening Habits

As a result, we used the messaging 'Every Second Counts' encouraging listeners to quickly discover new music while they waited for their coffee, their bus or their wife to put on her shoes.

Building a Powerful Network Focused Site

More new artists discovered led to more interactions, leading to more opportunities for all. We designed a stunning profile for artists to use in place of a website, a central point for their music, video, photos, events and merchandise, centred around a social network

Advancement into Offline Engagement

By giving music festivals their own profiles we allowed them to tag and connect all festival performers in one place where their content was right their for listeners. As artists are tagged, their fans receive notifications leading to more ticket sales for music festivals. This was the starting point for monetization for Inmusik.

End Phase:
To the future

The 500 Designs team conceptualized and designed every piece of Inmusik on both mobile and web. We also created their pitch decks and directly helped raised $7 Million in investment.

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