On-the-go Beauty Set Subscription Box


Our Story

Minique helps make life easier for all ladies on the go. Travel light with the mini monthly beauty set that fits almost any bag. Customizable color selections featuring beauty brands one at a time. Products are delivered right to your door each month.

Minique approached us to work on their branding campaign and their design a website for user to easily personalize choices. 

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Rebranding
  • UX / UI Design
Phase One:
Market Analysis

Makeup often comes in a size much more than women need on the go. Based on Mintel research, we found that 45% of ladies experiment with new cosmetic brands.

Defining The Right Target

Our team concluded the best target audience for Minique is modern young women, particularly millennials who wear at least a light application of makeup daily.

Define Current MARKET TREND

A New Wave, Traveling Light

As our team put our thoughts together to figure out the most feasible way to approach Minique's marketing strategy, we dived in to exploring purchase behaviors of the targeted audience - Millennials. After discussions with customers, we noticed almost everyone we have spoken to were not able to exhaust their makeup products because they constantly try new cosmetic products. Another key discovery was, having a bag of full-sized products is very inconvenient as these young women go about their day-to-day business. 

Phase Two:
Campaign Strategy

Working closely with the product and understanding its audience needs allowed us to define a strategy to increase digital and physical appearances.

Marketing Tactics

Every month, Minique will feature a specific brand amoung it's makeup products. We focused our efforts to create a simple yet elegance look to showcase Minique's quality.

Case Study

Perfect Product for Beauties who Travel Light

Knowing that target users are inclined to changing around their cosmetics, and most users consume less than 50% of each cosmetic item they purchase, we pinpointed the fashion conscious, busy, commuting young professional. 

Customizable Color Digital Platform

For Minique, we designed a platform where their users could easily customize the colors and shades included in their monthly subscription. 

Appealing Content that Drives Conversion

Our audience love to know the latest trends in fashion. Included in their subscription is the latest updates on styles, brands and special items as they become available. 


Bringing Life to the Brand's Visual Identity

Minique is all about the experience you have with your makeup, allowing you to connect with different cosmetic brands one month at a time. From the minimalistic logo to the sophisticated typography, the design highlights the lifestyle of the brand and how it aligns to the high-end brands it features every month.


Site Features and Highlights

End Phase:
Deployment & Support

We significantly improved the brand's visual identity to increase the experience of Minique's audience.

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