Managing vacation payments quickly and efficiently


Our Story

TravTab is a startup founded in Ireland for travel agencies to provide monthly installment plans for travelers vacation package. They are inspired to cultivate the balanced habits of travelers between spending and having fun.

TravTab reached out to us to tighten their business and pitching strategy before approaching investors. 

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Business Development
  • Pitch Deck & Financial Projection
  • Investment
Financial Feasibility

Numbers make or break the investment deal even when the idea may be extraordinary. We worked closely with the founders to churn out financial projection for next 5 years.

Exploring Business Direction

We revisited the business direction and dived deep to position TravTab with a defining and consistent message to its audience. 

Strategic Objectives

Storytelling Strategy+ Visual Pitch Deck

As our team put our thoughts together, we collaborated closely with Travtab in an effort to simplify their message to the investors. Through our experiences marketing for platform type businesses, the first question an investor would be concerned about is whether it is a great idea and if there is potential in the current market to. We crafted a beautiful and clear pitch deck to tell a compelling story in investor language. 

We’re super proud of Travtab. Due to the confidentiality of the work, contact us to learn more about our work with TravTab.