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Acquiring and operating prime commercial real estate in some of the most successful markets in the country.

“I want to commend the team for the fabulous job they’ve done on the branding and our website. I appreciate all of the hard work and the impeccable design you afforded our company. 500 Designs nailed it dead center. They brought the Begonia brand to the forefront. I am very impressed on your ability to understand our business model and put pen to paper and bring it together. They are a lifetime partner with Begonia.”

Rod Fermin


Rod Fermin


About Begonia

Begonia is a US based multi-disciplinary institution acting as a developer, builder, operator and investor in the multifamily housing industry, committed to fostering growth in their communities. Currently, Begonia manages over 820-850 units, with a combined value of half a billion dollars.
Begonia About

The Objective

To develop a distinct, inspirational brand for Begonia that stands the test of time.
Begonia Objective

The Challenge

Strengthen the Begonia brand

Build a strong identity for Begonia based on its strengths and unique brand story.

Define the customer journey​

Visualize the customer journey from awareness all the way to conversion by understanding and answering the audience's pain points and goals.

Develop a brand family

Create a brand family and brand strategy that caters to different types of audiences (tenants, landowners, investors) while crafting a coherent brand message.

Begonia Strategy
Our Strategy

Create a compelling brand story

We introduced a compelling brand story rooted in Begonia’s overall mission and vision through lifestyle imagery and content.

Showcase world-class properties

We established Begonia as a world-class, modern real estate company that constructs and develops multifamily projects by exhibiting their impressive property portfolio.

Connect Meaningfully

We created a digital experience that reveals the Begonia story and brand family in a way that’s relevant and meaningful to each type of audience.
Begonia Connect Meaningfully
Begonia Connect Meaningfully



Rod Fermin


500 Designs

Vivienne Piong

Chief Creative Officer

Olivia Dadgar

Design Producer

Tish Espino, Phylis Chen, Faith Saifullah, Cheri De Los Reyes, Ela Catacutan, Louis Boo


Ysa Gohh, Bianca Marbella, Hikari Iwahata


Mikee Olondriz


Dorine Mae, Thu Dang, JV Andal

Web Developers

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