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“We have worked with the 500 Designs team across so many projects at this point – from product design work from inception as we got to work on a new product from prototyping to UI and UX to design iteration on a workflow to even rethinking our brand and logo design (and ultimately the website). The team has always been reliable, communicative, and has consistently delivered for us. We thought we’d be working together for a small, few weeks long project when we got started, but the relationship has grown to a dependable partnership.”

Thomas Kunjappu

Founder & CEO, Cleary

About Cleary

Meetings don’t have to suck. But why do they? It’s a challenge to conduct structured team meetings that are engaging and informative. Cleary helps you convert your meetings into productive asynchronous discussions, so that the time spent together live can be focused on the things that matter most. Connect and align your team, with or without a conference room.
About cleary

The Objective

Build up the Cleary brand by designing a better user experience and refreshing their brand elements.  

Cleary Objective

The Challenge

​Communicate Clearly

Make it simple for the audience to understand the services and solutions offered by Cleary.​

Connect with Clients

Craft a compelling website that resonates with Cleary’s ideal audience.​

Create Convenience

Skip the manual sign up approach. Support self-service sign up by launching this function on the website. ​

Our Strategy

Descriptive Imagery & Illustrations

With a balanced combination of lifestyle images and functional illustrations, we conveyed the services and solutions of Cleary in a simple and appealing manner

Descriptive Imagery & Illustrations

Basing our design decisions on color and shape psychology, we helped Cleary capture their audience’s attention and create deeper emotional connections.  

descriptive imagery

User-friendly Interface

In line with Cleary’s motivation to make their customer’s lives easier, we created an intuitive and informative website experience.

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Thomas Kunjappu​

Founder & CEO​

Ryan O'Donnell ​

Co-founder & CTO

Lauren Wagner​

Senior Product Manager​


500 Designs

Drea Cruz​

Creative Director

Hikari Iwahata​


Jacky Atienza​

Design Producer

Kat Rodriguez


Elaine Aparte, Jennica Mercado, Igi Maximo, Paola Pasion​


Ivy Togonon, Christine Lee

Web Developer

Louis Boo


JV Andal​

Quality Assurance

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