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Taking the ethical approach to personalisation, and delivering it an easy-to-include package for any digital app.

“It was pleasure woking with 500Designs. They got our brief quickly and ran a great process ending up with a concept, design and web product we are really happy with.”

Nick Pinks​

CEO, Covatic​

About Covatic

Covatic allows brands to analyse their customer’s daily routine, and serve them personalised, targeted content without the need for login or tracking IDs. Covatic use on-device machine learning, ensuring quality and keeping user data private. Covatic believes wholeheartedly in delivering an ethical approach to personalisation and AI—come meet us and find out more.

About Covatic

The Objective

Build stronger brand identity for Covatic, and unify different types of solutions on the website while keeping a familiarity and individuality for each service.

The Objective

The Challenge

Strengthen brand identity​

Covatic needs to be positioned as a leader in its field.

Communicate coherently​

Covatic needs to connect with different types of customers while building a coherent brand.

Unify solutions​

Covatic needs to keep familiarity and individuality for each solution and service under their brand.

Our Strategy Covactic Ipad

Our Strategy

Refresh the brand

Applying professional and modern visual elements not only enhances brand presence, it more importantly strengthens Covatic’s leadership position in its industry.

Tell a story

Presenting the content as a logical story helps the audience understand the brand and its solutions easier.
Our Strategy Covactic Tell Story

Show the solutions

Using clean illustrations turns complex concepts into tangible solutions that answer specific customer pain points.
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Nick Pinks



500 Designs

Drea Cruz

Creative Director

Hikari Iwahata


Jacky Atienza

Design Producer

Kat Rodriguez


Ella Marquez, Judy Yang, Lara Brillantes, Sheena Villeta


Christine Lee

Web Developer

JV Andal

Quality Assurance

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