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Transforming the way you experience healthcare, putting members at the center and in control.

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About Cure Medical Care

Cure Medical is rethought Medical Care putting members at the center and in control. Modern, Upscale Mobile Clinics add unprecedented convenience to delivering medical care at the door wherever members may be. We use a combination of Mobile Clinics and Virtual Care to provide ideal balance in developing Provider-User relationships and convenience to users.
Cure Medical About

The Objective

Position Cure Medical as a disruptor in primary care services in the United States.
Cure Medical Objective

The Challenge

Demonstrate the difference

Show how Cure Medical makes quality care more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Drive membership growth​

Increase website sign-ups by showing how Cure Medical benefits the whole family.​

Build a new brand direction

Solidify Cure Medical’s brand with functional and delightful design.​

Our Strategy

Seamless Sign-up

With sign-up being the first step of the user journey, we created a seamless sign-up experience that clearly communicates each required action

Distinct design

To build customer trust in this new form of service, we designed branding elements that evoke medical expertise and approachability.
Ocean Media Strategy

Expressive elements

Each design choice and content were carefully chosen to clearly communicate what Cure Medical is all about.
Cure Medical Expressive
Cure Medical Expressive


Cure Medical Care

Edmund Zagorin


Benjamin K. Leiken

Head of Product


500 Designs

Stephen Brett

Creative Director

Rorie Ciriaco, Nick Cayabyab


Patricia Espino

Lead UI/UX Designer

Kat Rodriguez


Maria Zulueta

Web Developer

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