Delicious, Healthy, and Affordable Meals Delivered

Delicious, Healthy, and Affordable Meals Delivered

Transforming the food system to make fresh, nutritious food accessible to everyone, everywhere

The 500 Designs’ team was nothing but highly professional when it came to our project. They were incredibly efficient, quick to respond, and organized. We are ecstatic about the finished product and would recommend them to anyone needing their services.

Cyrus Kiani

Director of Product

About Everytable

Everytable’s business model drastically reduces the costs of the standard restaurant model. Chefs at their local kitchen turn fresh, wholesome ingredients into delicious meals, which they sell through their small, grab-and-go storefronts. From start to finish, everything is designed to be super-efficient, and the savings are reflected in their prices.

Our objective

Bring Everytable’s unique business model to life by creating a mobile app that improves customer experience both online and on ground


The challenge

Increasing order frequency and sales

Educate consumers on omnichannel access to Everytable by clarifying business offerings

Growing subscription adoption and length

Communicate benefits clearly and enhance subscription management features

Cultivating brand loyalty

Proactively optimize the experience based on user's feedback

Our Strategy


No-fluff platform that ensures users get healthy food without the headache


Present users with relevant, timely content that improves their overall experience

Human touch

A platform that feels intuitive and unique, emulating the on-ground experience core to Everytable’s identity



Cyrus Kiani

Director of Product

500 Designs

Nicole Soltes

Creative Director

Olivia Dadgar

Design Producer

Emmarcel Varela, Jennica Mercado, MJ Rico


Emmarcel Varela, Jennica Mercado, MJ Rico


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