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Perfectly Tea




Branding, Strategy, User Interface, User Experience, Web Development

Perfectly Tea is a tea blend selection that’s designed to empower women to become the best versions of themselves.

The Challenge

We needed to create a brand story that would resonate with the target market, and help sell the product.

Our Strategy

We designed the brand to focus on the lifestyle of highly motivated and inspiring women, to strengthen the product message of empowering women through tea.

Perfectly blended design

We designed the product and website meticulously to exude a modern, confident and feminine feel, that will resonate with the audience. 

Perfectly different names

Rather than focusing on flavor, the different tea blends were named after the feeling or benefit it gives the drinker.

Perfectly shoppable

The well-designed website and simple navigation made it easy for shoppers to purchase their Perfectly Tea.

Perfectly shareable

We encouraged loyalty by sharing the mission of the brand to empower women—from those who drink tea, to those who grow them.

“The 500 Designs team were easy to work with and inventive at every step of the way. They really go the extra mile delivering more than we expect. Plus, with their strategic help, we sold out in our first month... Extraordinary talent!”

Oflavia and Cindy
Co-founders of Perfectly Tea

The Team


Ofalvia Veranez

Co-founder of Perfectly Tea

Cindy Lee

Co-founder of Perfectly Tea

Creative Director and Strategy

Vivienne Piong

Project Manager

Lara Gotis

Lead UI/UX Designers

Christine Lee, Sheena Villeta


Kaye Villanueva, Faith Saifullah


Kat Rodriguez, Mikee Olondriz

Frontend Development

Maria Zulueta

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