WordPress Development

It’s more important than ever to have a site that can be adapted at the same speed you move! We are masters of creating scalable WordPress Websites.

From simple one-page sites to complex experiences, we can build it in WordPress.

Great websites not only look stunning but function effortlessly! They are fast, responsive on all screen sizes, and interact with the viewer. They must be WAG 2.1 compliant, SEO Optimized, employ first-class security and be simple to manage. WordPress website development done right!

Our Approach

Our developers work closely with our design team to ensure we plan the build correctly from day one. We choose the page builder (Elementor Pro, Gutenberg primarily) and map out all modules required in the build. Once the global elements are created, we build module by module, keeping responsiveness in mind at every step and passing completed modules to our Quality Assurance team, who make sure we achieve pixel perfection and seamless functionality.

As the website is reaching completion, our SEO team steps in to audit the new build, and we test security along with accessibility. Before launching a new site, we triple-check every detail and work with you to synchronize the rollout with both tech and marketing in mind.

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