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Logo Design

Logo Design

Orange County

As visual creatures, people naturally connect with colors, shapes, and imagery. By creating a solid visual identity, we can effectively show your brand values, differentiate you from your competitors, and connect with your ideal audience.

We distill your brand essence into a single iconic image that best represents you.

The very best logos are recognized at first glance, even without the label. It’s the representation of your brand, that’s seen in every material you release.

Our Approach

We study your business, market, and goals to fully understand your brand and re-present it in a simple visual mark. We first create a logo mood board to showcase visual concepts that are further developed into potential logo marks.

We trim the designs down to the most promising, present our favorites, test them with your target personas, and finally, zero in on a single mark to polish so it can stand the test of time.

Our Works

Our Works


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Globally Paid

Simplifying Payment Options

Stillwater Brands

Cannabis-infused edibles


Meaningful data for your sleep


Power the employee experience

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