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Fashion Rebooted


Eggie has become a go – to shopping destination for today’s consumers who love to reinvent their looks and don’t want to be boxed into one style. Eggie pushes the boundaries of fashion while still keeping simplicity in classic staple pieces. Our pieces are designed to allow our customer to express themselves through clothing.


User Interface
User Experience


Eggie 2018

A Home for Eggie

The new website

What is it, and who is it for? Eggie asked us to help design to connect with their target demographic.

With a significant amount of ecommerce clothing sites, its can be hard to stand out. We worked closely with Eggies team, both onsite and off, to create a remarkable visual style, in keeping with the brand and improve sale conversions by simplifying the user experience.

By making the site easy to navigate and easier to interact with, the redesign aims to drive more sales through a better e-commerce website.

Why Eggie?

Targeting the user

Branding isnt an end in itself. Eggies website is a shopping journey that unveils new items in a way that leaves the user wanting to see more. The new website allows the user to discover effortlessly.

“Blending organic illustration with clean and crisp UI was a challenging but fun problem to solve. The bright colors and clean layout created a lot of opportunity to play around with the product shots.

Christine Lee

It's Out There

Eggie in the wild

An Edgy design crafted for a specific target audience, the new Eggie website certainly grabs attention while maintaining an elegance that will no go out of fashion.

500 Designs are our go to design team

“We have used 500 Designs on a number of projects and we keep going back for more. They are so easy to work with and deliver consistently regardless of the challenges we present to them. Thank you again!

Chenny Xu, Director of Commerce, Instaco

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