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Reactions on the Move

Reel Media

Reel is a video based social platform for everyone to come together and watch, share and interpret in their very own words every moment that is shaping our world to what it
is going to become.


Product Design


Reel Media Inc. 2018

Elements of Style

Designed from the ground up

Reels whole identity logo, colors, typefaces, icons, shapes, and all the other little things will continue to shine through consistently in every situation.

Reel Logo & Tagline Lock

Reel Watermark for Videos Shared outside the platform

Reel App Icon

Mobile Literally

Reel App

We worked with Reel closely to hone the user experience and features resulting in an app that  users connects them to content they want to see. Starting new conversations through new videos and commenting on others. Come for exclusive content, stay to give your take.

The best mobile app designers

“It didn’t take long for the team at 500 Designs to get the concept of Reel, and the ideas and suggestions flowed in. I worked closely with the team as they churned out designs and we had very little to come back with for iterations. They get it! Intuitive UX and beautiful UI design, they’ve got both in spades

Dhruv Patel, Founder and CEO of Reel

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