Global Music Economy on Blockchain


Inmusik is a global music ecosystem on a decentralized network. The platform aims to bring about a new era for music streaming by securitizing music and shot to the world ‘Dare to be different!’ This is the principal their entire brand philosophy revolves around.


  • Branding
  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Mobile App Design
  • Marketing Materials


  • Inmusik 2018

Making a Splash
What it is & how it works​

As a brand with a strong grasp of who they are and what they stand for, our challenge is to simplify and clarify their look, and to create aa user experience which would help express who they truly are to new users.

Inmusik Illustrated

To elevate its already strong image, maintaining consistency throughout the platform with a clean and crisp UI as well as striking illustrations to add components that make the statement – Inmusik has landed.

Ahead of the Curve
Simplifying user experience

Users know how to use music apps but investing in content is very new. The aim was to make the investment process part of the experience in both a seamless and inviting way to allow music fans see the opportunity.

Step by step the app introduces investments through artists profiles, playlists and another feature called Quick-Play. The app is a new kind of listening experience with the investment dynamic interweaved throughout the user’s journey.

Adding a Touch of Virality
Creating stickiness

Virality was also in our mind while designing. Using invites, group (syndicate) investing and friend portfolios, Inmusik is poised to grow rapidly through smart integration viral elements.

To further enhance the stickiness of the app, we introduce habit forming loops that play into the experience and offer variable rewards when fans return often to the app.

Easier Conversion
Reinventing critical processes

With something very complicated as blockchain.  We needed to make sure the experience will be second nature when users go through the platform.  Easy to digest and  fun to use.

Simply the best

“We can’t wait to unleash Inmusik to the world. The team here worked tirelessly to constantly improve and perfect the user experience. We are so lucky to have such amazing people working with us on the Inmusik app, website design and branding.

Steve, Founder and CEO of Inmusik

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