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For the business, for the professional
Chicken and egg

Like so many businesses there is a symbiotic relationship between two different target markets. In this case, companies hiring professionals, and professional looking to be hired. And so we asked the hard questions, coming to some hard conclusions to choose a core focus from which depends on. There has to be one seed from which a garden grows. 

The home page focuses on the seed but, dive a bit deeper to uncover the relationship and the balance between them.

Performance pages
Getting into the action

While some insight is important to explain the service, landing pages with specific opportunities were created to work with marketing campaigns, bringing the new user to what they expect to see, but educated them on the service in the process, ready for action within a few clicks.

Social proof as education

For a radical new idea, we needed a to rethink how to bring the unconvinced to avid users. What better approach than to showcase successes coming from the platform, but at the same time educate the new users to what the platform can do.

Onboarding – the gentle approach

Asking hard questions of new users is a recipe for disaster but sometimes some important information is needed in advance but the true value is presented. We broke it down into 3 simple steps that gently on-boarded new users while making it big and beautiful to keep users inspired to continue.

Visual explanation
Design elements that make a difference

All copy was backed up with visual elements to not only reenforce the text, but to allow a new visitor to ‘get it’, simply by glancing over headlines and images. The home page became an easy read thanks to its clean design, sharp copy and visual explanation. 

Cut to the core

“The guys and girls at 500 Designs got to the very core of our business to understand how best to present it. We were amazed at how fast it all came together and even after the project was finished, we could rely on their support all through the development stage

Ankur Srivastava, CEO and co-founder, Swarmsales

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