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TARA bridges the innovation gap with a predictive product management system,powered by AI and millions of projects across the web. It also helps allocate resources by providing access to pre-screened and on-demand engineering resources, managed by our smart platform.


  • Branding
  • User Interface
  • User Experience


  • Tara 2017

Diving Deep
Finding the ‘why’

With such a massive project we tackled the overall ‘why’ of the project, cutting down to the very core of what Tara.ai was all about. This exploration exercise unveiled some interesting finds and we inspired us to invent a new approach to user outcomes. The task was now to build an intuitive user experience that worked the revenue model seamlessly into the flow. 

What matters – where it matters

When something is complex, it’s overwhelming to users and increased the learning time for engagement. Understanding what it is the user wants most is key and presenting only the most on-point information makes for more efficient adoption. Focused design, designed for focus!

Simplified Project Scope
See timelines, manage your work

The new Tara platform makes it simple for users to manage big development projects, sub tasks, communication and even the people involved. The AI create smart timelines and finds the best person on the team to complete task, even allowing for new contractors to fill in the gap. We innovated a completely new approach with the team at Tara.ai that, shortly after completion, raised $5 million in investment.

Adding a Touch of Virality
Make it remarkable 

For every project we do at 500 Designs, we specialize in finding the viral elements. For Tara.ai, ensuring that team members could be added was essential and helping them create new projects to invite new team members became the magic. 

Clean and tidy Reinventing critical processes

For such a complex tool, the interface is smartly done to put features behind one click, but hiding the less important to keep things clean. The new interface does an excellent job to keep it obvious and self explanatory, so those who create projects learn what they need to know along the way, step by step, feature by feature. What and when the user learns is all by design.

Tara Illustrated
Telling their story

We create a whole series of hybrid illustrations that blend exaggerated core features with fun characters to visually explain this incredible product, creating a feeling that it is easy to use. These elements become part of the brand and feature throughout the home page and about pages.  

Super happy

“The 500Designs team set project expectations and delivered on time! For such a large project, that was phenomenal. The design was modern, clean and beautiful perfectly fitting our target market. More importantly, the team brought us new ideas and helped shape the platform helping us present the right project to investor and allowing us to do a large raise.

Iba Masood, CEO and co-founder of Tara.ai

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