Product Design

Supplying the Demand for Simplified Bidding

2019 - 2020
Illustration, Branding, User Interface, User Experience

Bid Ops is a platform that allows businesses to get better quotes and manage their suppliers in the most efficient manner possible. Businesses can post an offer, then different suppliers can simply bid on it to help expedite the process. It’s a sourcing enablement platform designed for procurement professionals.

The Challenge

We had to design a simple and easy-to-use platform that’s equipped with a complete set of features that can help navigate the complex relationship between buyer and seller across several industries. 

Our Strategy

We worked closely with the Head of Product to focus on use cases and ensure that we design a user experience that seamlessly intertwines them with different scenarios, while making the process as friendly as possible.

Creating a personality

We designed a personality to make the website friendly, and approachable. We incorporated illustrations to visually show and explain the different capabilities of the platform.

Keep it clean and crisp

Through clever organization of information and simplified visuals, we created an attractive and intuitive user interface that made using BidOps a pleasurable experience.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

We took a look at the different functionalities in the platform and highlighted the most important ones for quick access on the dashboard. The less important features were cleverly grouped together to achieve a design that doesn’t overwhelm the user. 

BidOps web page design

Step by step

In the interest of simplifying the experience for users, we’ve broken down big tasks into smaller, incremental steps. This allowed users to feel the progress they’re making, without being too overwhelmed by information at any given time.

Intuitive Layouts

We studied the way users interact with different functions and how they use digital for specific tasks, to create an order within layouts in the platform that make the experience feel familiar and intuitive.

BidOps web page design

“Our product is indisputably easier to use than it was before we started working with 500 Designs.”

Benjamin K. Leiken
Head of Product at BidOps

The Team


Edmund Zagorin

Co-founder of BidOps

Bejamin K. Leiken

Head Of Product at BidOps

Creative Director

Stephen Brett

Lead UI/UX Designer (Dashboard)

Louis Boo

Lead UI/UX Designer (Website)

Sheena Villeta

Frontend Development

Christine Lee

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