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Branding, User Interface, User Experience, Web Development

CarWash Pass is a subscription service that gives users access to a huge network of express carwashes in Southern California.

The Challenge

We needed to redesign the mobile app and create a simple user experience that encourages users to refer the service to their friends.

Our Strategy

We made it very simple for the user to know intuitively how to use the app, by revolving the user experience around a multi-function map.

Catchy illustrations

Vector of Car going through an automatic car wash
Vector of iphone x

Start simple

The intuitive user experience is designed to revolve around a single action—find your nearest carwash. 

Pay simple

We’ve reduced the steps for subscription, and further incentivized users to subscribe by lowering their risk.

One app, many carwashes

We made it simple for the user to collect the carwash code, regardless of the system each carwash express uses.

“The teams are superb user experience designers and everything they created looked superb. The team at 500 at one of the best at working out how to build referral marketing into the UX”

David Sculley
Co-founder of CarWash Pass

The Team


Adam MacDonald

Co-founder of CARWASH PASS

David Sculley

Co-founder of CarWash Pass

Creative Director

Stephen Brett

Project Manager and Product Designer

Drea Cruz

Lead UI/UX Designer

Rorie Ciriaco


Louis Boo, Faith Saifullah, Patricia Espino

Web Development

Christine Lee


Louis Boo

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