Smart trucks
of the future

Providing green, autonomous mobility systems to lower the carbon footprint for the benefit of people and planet​

“The 500 Designs team were thorough and calculated at every step of their process. Their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile really shows in the result of our branding and website”
Mehdi Rafiee
Founder and CEO,  Gemini Motor

About Gemini

Gemini is a next-gen mobility company producing zero-emission autonomous semi-trucks powered by hydrogen fuel. Primed with NASA engineering skills and extensive technology roots, Gemini aims to infuse the latest fuel cell technology at scale to produce and deliver zero emission long haul trucks.

The Objective

Establish Gemini’s expertise and credibility among potential investors and partners by communicating the vision of the business and demonstrating their values and differentiating factors.

The Challenge

Be an industry leader

Establish Gemini’s credibility, capability and expertise to deliver disruptive technology.

Impress investors

Present Gemini as a technological, large-scale investment opportunity to investors in this space.

Demonstrate innovation

Help investors understand Gemini's innovation and the impact it will have on logistics.

Our Strategy

Launch in style

Through striking design and impactful content, we established Gemini’s leadership claim and capability in delivering the most sustainable and efficient solutions.

Push possibilities

Painting a picture of the future, we illustrated Gemini’s capabilities on producing zero-emission autonomous semi-trucks powered by hydrogen fuel.

Spark curiosity

With comprehensible content and evocative illustrations, we were able to take the audience through digitalML’s story, and heightened their sense of urgency to have this solution for their company.




Mehdi Rafiee


Alex Rafiee


500 Designs

Vivienne Piong

Chief Creative

Olivia Dadgar

Design Producer

Patricia Espino

Lead UI/UX Designer

Phyllis Chen, Jennica Mercardo

UI/UX Designers

Shen Acosta

Strategy Director

Hikari Iwahata

Brand Strategist

Thu Dang

Technical Project Manager

Christine Lee, JV Andal

Development and QA

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