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Imagine Tomorrow




Illustration, User Interface, User Experience

Imagine Tomorrow is a non-profit organization that endeavors to fight the stigma on mental health, by selling bow ties for dogs, creating conversations, and donating proceeds to a mental health foundation.

The Challenge

We had to create an e-commerce website that helps spread awareness through a simple product offering—bow ties for a cause.

Our Strategy

We focused on showcasing the bigger story and advocacy, rather than hard sell.

Photos you can’t ignore

We brought attention to the cause through eye-catching photography, accompanied by a clear message that revolves around mental health.

collage of dog wearing bow collar

Stories that resonate

We fostered a genuine brand connection, by sharing a true story from the founders and allowing it fuse with the brand narrative.

Easy way to support

We designed a simple checkout experience, that also reinforced the bigger mission behind every bow tie that people buy.

"I've worked with 500 Designs for over 2 years on a variety of projects and could not be more happy with the work they've done. They're incredibly easy to work with and the results always exceed my expectations. Cannot recommend them enough!"

Tara Lookabaugh
Co-founder of Imagine Tomorrow



Tara Lookabaugh

Co-founder of Imagine Tomorrow

Victoria Rische


Creative Director

Stephen Brett

Lead UI/ UX Designer

Christine Lee

Web Development

Christine Lee

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