Well-crafted animations bring your story to life and build immediate connections across audiences

We translate your brand into moving stories that captivate

Great animated videos are proven to help users feel a sense of connection to brands. It’s all about sharing your story in a concise and engaging way.

Our approach

We start by understanding the story you want to communicate and what you aim to achieve. We also research how competitors approach video communications with your audience.

From there, we draw each scene and write the voice-over script to map out your storyboard. We choose the music and bring in the VO artists to set the tone and tempo of the video alongside hand-picked music. Once all in place, we develop example screens to create a dance between the music, voice-over, and animated movements.

Our work


Integrated enterprise-level metrology software

UI/UX Design, Web Development, Metrology Engineering


Spreading the word on word of mouth

UI/UX Design, Web Development, Social commerce

Behind the Knife

Educating surgeons one story at a time

Branding, UI/UX Design, Web Development, Healthcare


Where life flourishes

UX/UI Design, Web Development, Real Estate