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Fresh Del Monte

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Driving innovation isn’t a buzzword, it’s a company tenet. We challenge ourselves to come up with new processes and products, and are constantly improving to satisfy our consumers’ tastes.


Experience Strategy

Our goal was to create one cohesive platform that combines Fresh Del Monte’s strengths as a distribution and logistics company, community advocate, and a leader in sustainability. To achieve this, we aimed to change brand perception and be known for more than just pineapples and bananas. We also wanted to eliminate the GMO stigma and improve communication through this platform: a website that shows how the brand deeply understands their consumers’ needs and fulfills retailers’ curiosities.

By positioning the brand as the true definition of goodness, we simultaneously communicate their differentiator—a leader that meets the highest standards across everything they do—and their ultimate goal of delivering “goodness” to all.

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Verbal Language

Revolving Fresh Del Monte’s brand story around the phrase “The Gold Standard of Goodness,” we aimed to showcase not just the value of their products but their company as well. Our content framework included a focus on three words: People, Planet, and Produce, demonstrating passion for the finest food quality while also crafting compelling stories for their whys and hows.

Visual Language

Apart from content, People, Planet, and Produce were also the three distinct pillars that guided Fresh Del Monte’s new visual language, which we brought to life using inspiring imagery and bright, vibrant colors.
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Website Design

The goal was to make the new platform’s design more fun, fresh, and functional. With immersive storytelling and an intuitive layout, we created a rejuvenating digital experience that authentically touches on their rich history while establishing leadership in the space.
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I cannot recommend 500 Designs highly enough. They are incredibly professional, as well as talented. I relied on them heavily for best practices and to take our website to the next level.

Claudia Pou

VP, Global Head of Corporate Communications

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