The future of web3 cloud infrastructure

Nirvana Labs

Brand Strategy, Website Design

Nirvana Labs specializes in advanced blockchain infrastructure, leveraging years of web3 research to deliver a high-performance, cost-effective bare metal cloud built for scaling.


Experience Strategy

We performed extensive industry research and UX categorization to position Nirvana as the most cutting-edge and top-of-the-line blockchain cloud. The result was a strategy that spotlighted the Nirvana difference, emphasizing solutions for scalable performance that portrayed Nirvana as the preferred long-term partner for enterprise-level blockchain developers and companies.

Verbal Language

We crafted Nirvana’s brand voice and tone to reflect its innovative nature, communicating through experienced, reliable, and confident language. Nirvana’s messaging guides customers toward flexible solutions for growth, treating customers as partners first and foremost.

Visual Language

We highlighted Nirvana’s unique, blockchain-oriented brand through sleek designs with dynamic lines, shapes, and pops of color. The consistent visual identity enhanced the brand’s aesthetic appeal while expressing its value proposition, cementing Nirvana as a dependable, high-performance web3 cloud solution for those seeking to expand.

Website Design

We carefully integrated Nirvana’s branding into the website design to strike the perfect combination of experience, intelligence, and sleekness for maximal distinction from competitors.

By interweaving clean designs, smooth user experience, and natural content flows, the final website effectively communicated Nirvana’s unique value to prospective customers.


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Being in a niche industry, it was important to find a partner who sat down with us and took the time to understand us as a company. The process with 500 Designs was ideal from idea generation to final delivery. We’re grateful for their creativity, speed, and flexibility with our demands. It truly was a collaborative environment, with 500 Designs meeting deadlines and exceeding delivery requests at each turn. We definitely recommend them.

Dan Burke

Chief Executive Officer

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