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Kace_Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Packaging, UI/UX Design, Web Development


Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Packaging, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Kace makes authentic, ready-to-drink tea an accessible luxury for all. By infusing new and comforting flavors, each drink becomes a celebration of the AAPI culture and community.


Brand Strategy

We blended authentic AAPI cultural representation with a community-focused experience, positioning Kace as more than just a tea brand. Kace nurtures connections within the AAPI community and brings together people who share the same intentions. Through relatable storytelling ingrained within their brand, Kace encourages its community to embrace their shared cultural journey.

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Verbal Language

We focused on human-centric, personal language to reflect Kace’s community mission. With warmth and authenticity, Kace speaks in a voice as rich and inviting as its tea. By using an informative and approachable tone in the website and packaging, we showcased the brand’s AAPI heritage and sparked a sense of belonging for its consumers.

Visual Language

Balancing tradition and contemporary edge, Kace’s visuals embody the brand story. We designed imagery combining a textured, hand-drawn wordmark with the symbolic Plum Blossom logo to reflect Kace’s AAPI roots and modern point-of-view. By consistently applying this visual narrative across all branded materials, we helped Kace grow more relatable to its consumers.
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Prioritizing ease of use while enriching the user journey, Kace’s Shopify website delivers a no-fuss shopping experience on a platform that reflects the brand’s ethos. To mirror the brand’s inviting and inclusive atmosphere, we featured vibrant visuals of the AAPI community, ensured seamless navigation, and built community-focused spaces that encourage user engagement.
Kace’s Shopify website delivers a no-fuss shopping experience

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