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Platform Life Sciences aims to modernize clinical trials by reshaping its processes and partnering with experts and clinics globally—making it quicker to reach results and reach better health for everyone


Experience Strategy

We aimed to Create a compelling story that draws in new customers by demonstrating how Platform Life Sciences redefines clinical trials. In order to achieve this, we created a stronger brand and product story that exemplify Platform Life Sciences mission, value proposition, and key differentiators.

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We rebranded Platform Life Sciences, producing compelling visuals that positioned their online presence to reflect their efficiency and reach. The use of animations in the elements represent movement towards a healthier tomorrow and to tell the story of each piece of information.
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We strategically created various representations of the global reach of Platform Life Sciences through illustrated, animated, and interactive maps. These visuals highlight how they are able to scale rapidly and move more efficiently by connecting with local experts, partners, and clinics to meet disease outbreaks where they start.
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We collaborated with the Platform Life Sciences team to craft educational resources that effectively explain how they redefine clinical trials.

The animations explain that as new forms of disease continue to threaten global health, Platform Life Sciences will continue setting a new global precedent for clinical trial excellence by providing speed, adaptability, and global partnerships to evaluate life-saving therapeutics.


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We were looking for a partner that understood us enough—that blended both creativity and speed to convey our story through a website. 500 Designs was the one we trusted to deliver. They formulated a solid strategy with timely execution, and were very collaborative every step of the way.

Michael Zimmerman


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