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Trendpop helps agencies, brands, and creators reach the audience they need with real-time trend-spotting. Get data-driven insights with millions of creators, hashtags, and videos analyzed.


Experience Strategy

Trendpop had all the potential for solid branding and a compelling product story, so that was what we did, positioning them as a leader in the industry: “a single source of truth for real-time trendspotting.” The challenges we overcame included showcasing the power of data in trendspotting and attracting different audiences, including marketers, content creators, and musicians.

Trendpop approach
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Verbal Language

We elevated Trendpop’s verbal language by composing a brand voice that’s fun, energetic, and insightful—to empower brands with actionable steps and capture the energy of trends, all while talking about data in a way that’s engaging and immersive for the audience.

Visual Language

Our goals were to provide functional visual support, remove barriers for better communication, and leave a memorable impression through eye-catching graphic elements. We achieved all thanks to a simplified but thorough design, and optimized, intuitive assets.
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We strove to make Trendpop’s product and branding meet in the middle and translate it into captivating visuals that convey both messages: to make data simpler and more accessible for marketing teams, and to help brands and influencers in a fast-growing social media landscape.
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