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Factorial Energy

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Factorial Energy is a cleantech company researching and manufacturing next-generation semi solid-state batteries. They are on a mission to save the planet by delivering high performance, sustainable and safe batteries to power electric vehicles, homes, and businesses.


Brand Strategy

To differentiate Factorial from its competitors and attract investors, we focused on emphasizing the purpose behind the technology, showcasing its environmental impact, and highlighting its commitment to sustainability.

Visually, we communicated a bright future enabled by solid-state batteries, where nature and vehicles coexist harmoniously. The benefits of FEST® for the environment and consumers are prominently featured, alongside key themes of sustainability, safety, and scalability, aligning with Factorial Energy’s overarching mission to save the planet.

We also showcased use cases and real-world product applications to provide concrete examples of the technology’s potential.

Verbal Language

We crafted a forward-thinking, authoritative, and purpose-driven voice for Factorial Energy.

Through this language, we convey a sense of innovation and expertise, while also communicating the brand’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.

With clear and concise messaging, we reflect the company’s dedication to simplifying complex battery technology and championing the transition to cleaner energy solutions.

The choice of words amplifies Factorial’s mission of combatting climate change and revolutionizing the way we power our world.

Visual Language

Our visual strategy portrays the promising future enabled by solid-state batteries. We depict a greener tomorrow where nature and vehicles coexist seamlessly, showcasing the transformative potential of our product.

Utilizing clean lines and minimalist graphics, we simplify complex technology, making it easily understandable. Additionally, we incorporate 3D representations of our product to provide a tangible visualization of its capabilities and benefits.


Through meticulously crafted storytelling and intuitive interactions, our platform transforms the complexity of semi solid-state battery technology into accessible clarity. Visitors are not only informed but inspired by Factorial’s commitment to innovation and environmental preservation.

From compelling brand identity to educational content and strategic investor appeal, every aspect of the website is designed with the user in mind. With clear calls to action guiding the way, users are invited to explore Factorial’s revolutionary technology and envision a better tomorrow.

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