Product Redesign

A better flow, for a better workflow

Humble Dot
Illustration, User Interface, User Experience

Humble Dot is a tool that enables managers to create better a workflow for their team and eliminate the need for countless meetings. It improves communication, camaraderie, and trust to help build high-performing teams.

The Challenge

While the current website offered tools to improve workflow management, Humble Dot was having difficulty in acquiring users.

Our Strategy

We redesigned the website for a smoother user experience, making it more intuitive and engaging, so that managers can see at first glance just how much value Humble Dot adds to their company.

A sight to behold

Bespoke illustrations designed to align the brand values of Humble Dot with the entire user experience.

A genius product story to be told.

Redesigned product page

Each check-in is treated as an individual product, and organized by categories so users can find what they need faster.

From ‘what’ to ‘why’

Better templates allow busy managers to know exactly what’s important when it comes to their team.

A warm and easy welcome.

A more intuitive user interface and better onboarding ensure that the foot in the door, will enter all the way.

A look at the essentials.

Redesigned dashboard with data insights, sentiments and intuitively displayed information, prioritizes the most important facts.

Responses Grid View
Responses List View

Insights Page Powered by Amazon Comprehend

Get a quick summary of your top 5 performing check-ins with an advanced analysis of your team’s responses.

Improved Profile Page

By simply curating existing data, we created a profile page that encourages users to engage more with their team.

“…500 Designs provides the advantages of having a full-time designer in-house while only working part-time. Their fast delivery time and quality inspire confidence in their work.”
Will Goto
Co-founder of Humble Dot

The Team

Will Goto
Macgill Davis
Creative Director
Stephen Brett
Lead UI/UX Designer
Sheena Villeta
Jen Roxas