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A holistic and scientific approach to managing media campaigns, a proven competitive advantage.

“We value the input the 500 Designs team brings to the table. They took the time to understand our business and found the best way to communicate our value proposition to our target audience through copy and design.”

Dave Coleman

SVP, Strategy and Development, Ocean Media​

About Ocean Media

Ocean Media is the largest independent media buying agency on the West Coast with a unique focus on analytics. Ocean Media was founded in 1996 on the tenet a client’s return on investment should be at the forefront of its advertising efforts. Through the years, the team at Ocean Media has been able to deliver extremely effective results to our clients through innovative, measured, and focused advertising strategies.
Ocean Media About

The Objective

To position Ocean Media as the catalyst for success in an ever-changing media landscape and build a strong brand identity that’s reflected on a modernized website that’s easy to navigate
Ocean Media Objective

The Challenge

Share Ocean Media’s unique story

Ocean Media’s track record of success separates it from other media buying agencies. Their story is something that they want to share with potential clients.

Showcase the range of capabilities

Ocean Media wants to communicate the full extent and depth of their capabilities to attract clients.

Convey culture and personality

Clients can definitely benefit from Ocean Media’s unique approach to media buying. This is something they want to highlight on their website.

Ocean Media Strategy
Our Strategy

Success speaks for itself

To showcase Ocean Media’s expertise, we’ve created several case studies that demonstrate just how the company can transform their business.

Educating while illustrating capabilities

We shared insights to Ocean Media’s unique approach as a way to give potential clients free advice while simultaneously showcasing their capabilities.
Ocean Media Strategy

Single-minded message

To effectively position Ocean Media as a catalyst for success, every piece of communication on the website reinforces how the company can help businesses grow.
Ocean Media Single Minded


Ocean Media

David Stark

Head of Marketing

Dave Coleman

SVP, Strategy and Development


500 Designs

Drea Cruz

Creative Director

Cynna Lemoncito, Elaine Aparte


Jacky Atienza

Design Producer

Kat Rodriguez


Jamie Sulit

Art Director

Christine Lee

Web Developer

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