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About Stavvy

Stavvy makes the paper trail a thing of the past for mortgages, loans, and Title & Settlement. Their innovation transforms fragmented workflows into trusted and seamless experiences where technology does the work so people can focus on what matters most.

The Objective

Create a brand identity to represent the simplicity Stavvy brings to a traditionally time-consuming process while positioning the Brand as an industry leader. 

For the website, the aim was to create a memorable experience through compelling visuals/animations to reinforce concise copy that demonstrated their expertise with a forward-thinking approach.


The Challenge

Educate Prospects

Since this is a new category, Stavvy’s prospects lack knowledge of digitalization. Visitors need to be educated on the benefits of this new streamlined approach.

Build Trust

To be positioned as a market leader, Stavvy needs to show its experience and expertise in this space to qualify itself as a market leader in this evolving market.

Peeking into the Future

With all great disruptions, there is a sense of familiarity yet making it clear this is how it will be. Stavvy needed to show they are just that one step closer to the inevitable

Our Strategy

Simplifying Complexities

By concisely explaining how Stavvy directly solves common workflow challenges, we are able to educate the audience without overwhelming them.

Utilizing Use Cases

By showing how Stavvy helps specific stakeholders, we strengthened the company’s credibility and built consumer confidence.

Illustrating The Process

Through clean and custom visual elements and animations, we were able to dynamically show what it means to have a truly digital process with Stavvy.





Kosta Ligis

CEO and Co-founder

Kara Banosian

Chief Marketing Officer

500 Designs

Stephen Brett

Chief Strategist

Drea Cruz

Creative Director

Jacky Atienza

Design Producer

Jamie Sulit

Art Director

Rorie Ciriaco

UX Designer

Elaine Aparte, Cynna Lemoncito, Marinel Custodio, Jen Roxas

UI/UX Designers

Brittany Howell

Experience Strategist

Hikari Iwahata

Brand Strategist

Bianca Marbella, Ysa Goh


Paola Pasion, Phyllis Chen, Nicole Lunaria, Lyka Baliwag

Graphic Designers and Animators

Thu Dang, Lou Labadan

Development Leads

Jessica Bonzo, Ciara Tenorio, Cristal Abelgas, JV Andal

Development Team

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