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Cryptocurrency Portfolio, Simplified


Effortlessly Monitor Manage All Your Cryptocurrency in One Place. Blockfolio is the #1 Free Crypto Portfolio Management app with support for 3000+ cryptocurrencies. Track your favorite coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and more.


User Interface
User Experience


Blockfolio 2018

All currencies, One place

Creating a visually stunning website that was immediately recognizable as ‘crypto’ while ensuring the view instantly felt trust was our ultimate goal.


Demonstrate simplicity

The app was designed to make it easy for users to manage all their crypto from all exchanges in one app. Showing the important elements while removing the noise

Don't tell, show

Creating a visual ‘Why’ for users to see where the magic is

With a simple glance the user should already understand the benefits of using the product. Showing the ‘why’ is a must and so great attention to deal is taken

Where it's seen, matters

A responsive design

From small screens to big, the Blockfolio site
is designed to look great everywhere

What design firms should be

“We were ecstatic with the results from the 500 Designs team. The team are a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond when presenting design options. Look no further!

Edward, CEO and Founder of Blockfolio

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