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“We spent time choosing the right partner for this project as we understood the complexity. 500 Designs delivered! Throughout the process their team was excellent in communication, organization and the work was exceptional!”
Jane Cormier
Creative Director, Emburse

About Emburse

Emburse is the world’s most intuitive, trusted and powerful expense management and AP automation solution. Designed to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce, our technology empowers employees and keeps spend in compliance.

The Objective

Consolidate its 8 different business units into a single brand family while keeping the individuality of each BU and preventing customer confusion.


The Challenge

Keep it in the family

Guide the user to the right solution regardless of their starting point. Introduce other business units by communicating that Emburse has solutions for all scenarios.

Don’t distract

Introduce Emburse with proper context to allow the interlinking of all business units, each with clearly defined positioning, so visitors find their perfect solution.

Get visitors to the demo

The goal of the website is for visitors to request product demos and speak to the sales team. But having potential customers already rich in product knowledge was the ultimate.

Our Strategy

Communicate visually

Combining lifestyle images and representative illustrations helps strengthen the message clarity and impact of each section.

Categorize creatively

Using subtle but distinct visual cues to differentiate the solutions of Emburse helps users get the information they need quicker.

Connect seamlessly

Through clean and custom visual elements and animations, we were able to dynamically show what it means to have a truly digital process with Stavvy.



Jane Cormier

Senior Director, Creative

Christina Gruen

Senior Director, Brand Marketing

Heidi Wurple

Director of Web Marketing

500 Designs

Stephen Brett

Chief Strategist

Drea Cruz

Creative Director

Jacky Atienza

Design Producer

Sheena Villeta

Lead Designer

Rorie Ciriaco

Senior UX Designer

Jen Roxas, Elaine Aparte, Lara Brilliantes, Paola Pasion, Phyllis Chen, Louis Boo, Jennica Mercado, Ela Catacutan

Design Team

Vivienne Piong

Chief Creative

Hikari Iwahata

Brand Strategist

Ysa Goh, Queencee Collen


Michael Arao, JV Andal, Pierre Ortiz

Development Team

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