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Expertly formulated CBD-THC edibles to give adults a consistent and fast-acting dose every single time.

“We had a wonderful experience working with 500 Designs to create our new website. The team made sure they understood what we were looking for, and they delivered time and time again – both in terms of speed and design. They were, and continue to be, super responsive and thoughtful creative partners.”

Missy Bradley

VP of Marketing, Stillwater Brands

About Stillwater Brands ​

Stillwater Brands is committed to matching every consumer with the cannabinoid that’s best for them — no judgment, no hassle, no fear.

We’re here to make all grandmothers feel better. If we can help everyone else, all the better.

Stillwaters brands

The Objective

To create an overarching master brand for the line of CBD-THC edibles, that effectively unifies the two products—-Ripple Dissolvables and Stillwater Gummies—and create a strong brand presence in dispensaries.
Still water brands Objective

The Challenge

Create a master brand ​

Having an easy to remember master brand helps customers develop brand love.

Strengthen store presence ​

Dispensary shelves are crowded with many product varieties and options—it’s easy to be overlooked.

Our Strategy Still Water Brands

Our Strategy

Amplified the Ripple effect

By using “Ripple” as the master brand, we leveraged the brand recall of Ripple Dissolvables. We applied it to the other products, and created a stronger brand presence.

Created a branding system

We designed a system that showcases the brand in every form, and easily shows the hierarchy of information that allows shoppers to see what they need at first glance.

Unified packaging

We designed a cohesive packaging that makes the Ripple line standout on dispensary shelves, while still being able to distinguish each product line.
Still waters brand unified


Stillwater Brands

Justin Signer


Missy Bradley

VP of Marketing

Nikki Kujawski

Senior Brand Manager

500 Designs

Vivienne Piong

Chief Creative Officer

Lara Gotis

Project Manager

Phyllis Chen

Lead Designer

Faith Saifullah, Patricia Espino, Kaye Villanueva


Kat Rodriguez


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