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Branding, Web Design, Art Direction

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Globally Paid is a service that integrates payment acceptance into any software, to help businesses scale faster and without friction.

The Challenge

We needed to take an already successful business and rebrand the service under a new name, reflecting the evolved product offering.

Our Strategy

We consolidated individual product solutions and created a hierarchy under one umbrella—the Globally Paid brand.

Elements of style
Designed from the ground up

Globally Paid’s whole identity – logo, colors, typefaces, icons, shapes, and all the other little things – will continue to shine through consistently in every situation.

Trustworthy with Blue

A trustworthy color, but bright enough to stand out.

Visually Informative

Graphics are utilized to draw attention to the right information for better story-telling, and instruction for the user.

Complex solutions made simple

Use of graphics allowed users to learn more about services that are more complex, by illustrating the process.

Globally paid website design concept

Step by step solutions

Restructured and reorganized the flow of information to make the understanding of the payment solution, simple and digestible.

“Since working with 500 Designs, we are extremely satisfied with our new website, branding, logo, coloring, etc. It’s everything we imagined and better.

Their team’s vision and experience made our team really think outside of the box.”

Connor Rodriguez
Director of Marketing/ Business Development at Globally Paid

The Team

Jayme Amirie
founder of Globally Paid
Connor Rodriguez
Director of Marketing/ Business Development at Globally Paid
Creative Director
Stephen Brett
Lead UI/UX Designer
Patricia Espino
Rorie Ciriaco, Kaye Villanueva, Nick Cayabyab
Kat Rodriguez
Web Developer
Maria Zulueta

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