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KBS acquires and operates prime commercial real estate across the United States, and its properties are home to some of the world’s most influential companies.

The Challenge

After its steady growth for the past 28 years, KBS has acquired numerous sub-brands and properties under its name. It needed to reinvent its brand to be able to tie everything cohesively together.

Our Strategy

Through deeply studying the brand and working closely with our clients, we’ve created a digital roadmap as well as a simple and systematic approach to branding every KBS property, while still retaining their own individual personality.

Straight to the core

We’ve reinvented and clearly defined KBS’ brand personality, so that every visual is easily identifiable by financial advisors, investors, and partners for years to come.

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KBS Properties web page
KBS Properties web page

Laying the foundation

We’ve created a design system that encompasses every KBS material—from individual property microsites, newsletters, printed documents, down to the stationary—which can be easily used by any member of the KBS team.

Telling the brand story

We got every single member of the ever growing KBS team to rally behind the new brand direction, through animated video that reintroduced the brand to them.

Creating an experience

After a thorough UX audit, we’ve created simple user flows that guided people to where exactly they need to go, while still showcasing the wide array of products as well as the depth of the KBS brand.

KBS website pages design concept

Keeping individuality in uniformity

We’ve created a branding hierarchy which every KBS-owned property can easily use, while still being able to keep their own brand personality.

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“Working with 500 Designs has been transformative. Unlike some design firms who operate with the sole focus of completing a transaction. 500 Designs has clearly conducted themselves with a relationship first mindset, with their success solely dependent on the success of their client.”
Ryan Butala
Vice President, Asset Branding and Asset Communications

The Team

Mark Saukkola
Chief Executive Officer, KBS Capital Markets Group
Ryan Butala
Vice President, Asset Branding and Communications
Phil Diment
Vice President of Communications
Angelica Abalos
Senior Graphic Designer
500 Designs
Creative Director and Lead Strategist
Stephen Brett
Creative Director for Branding and Properties
Vivienne Piong
Lead UX Designer and Project Manager
Drea Cruz
Lead UX Designer
Sheena Villeta
Project Manager
Lara Gotis
Website Developer
Maria Theresa Zulueta, Christine Lee
Kat Rodriguez, Mikee Olondriz
Louis Boo
Rorie Ciriaco, Kaye Villanueva

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